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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stage Decoration

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Stage Decoration - for School 

Stage Decoration for cultural program in the school,colleges and other places are very tough creative job.You have to very creative and quick learner for any theme.You have to many things to collect and join many different things for making a big wall decoration.
Children Stage Decoration in school or College
Stage Decoration in School
A Big Wall Decoration ready with many small decorative pieces .This collage give a wide impact on the total decoration.
Flower Bucket and decorative flowers
Flower Bucket 

Mostly this job is related to Art & Craft Teacher.Its Basically depend on the provided theme ,In every function Principle or Head of the Institution give a Theme to the teacher for particular Function.And now the role of a teacher started for the giving a best decorative stage for his or her creative skills.       

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pencil Drawing

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A Photographer

A Drawing of a Photographer ,real personality & real  work draw with a pencil .This free hand drawing finished on a drawing paper sheet. There are expression of a person who involved in his profession.Drawing is an art to present your inner skills into a picture. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Oil Painting - One Woman

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Oil color Painting

This is a very dedicated painting to Indian woman.Every Woman has dual personality.One is at front and other is inside herself.At one moment she is very easy and simple girl but some time she can be strong ,violent .Woman can be a housewife or a leader.Never underestimate woman power .     
Oil Painting - Woman 2 form - Indian Painting
Woman 1by2

Oil Painting - Portrait 

Now we present a oil painting of a beautiful couple.Artist has already gifted this painting to this couple.Its a lovely gift to love ones.Many emotions attached with this painting ,Artist took a long time to finish this painting but this is a perfect gift , created by your own hand with great love.  
Couple Portrait - Oil Painting

Couple Portrait - Oil Painting

To create a oil Painting Portrait ,to draw lines according to length of canvas.And Draw the basic structure of the figure of the portrait ,to determine length and width of figure with balance proportionate.There are 2 images occurring in the canvas.After drawing figure, draw the face with the proper scaling and expression. Expression is important element in the portrait .  

Work is going on and as well as portrait complete I'll upload the final painting...................

Canvas Oil Painting,45 x 50 cm.
A Boat

Oil Paintings are the mixture of oil colors and pigments.They may be opaque or transparent.Normally, When we use these colors they give opaque effects.Their pigments are close to each other.Oil Painting are more popular because it has attractive and bright colors,long durability and most important thing you can change in the painting after the completion comfortably.There are much demand in the professional market. Other painting medium also popular - Water color,Oil pastel,Poster color and Acrylic color  paintings.
Two Girls are Flower Plucking in Garden

A student's New Work - Oil Painting on Canvas.

If we increase the quantity of lincid oil in it,gives the transparent effects.Normally we make these paintings in the layers.First draw your image,now fill the colors accordingly like green in trees,blue in water etc.
Let it dry .Now give the effects on it.Make leaves of the trees.You may make small leaves or direct gives dry brush effects on it. 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vegetable art n craft work

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Vegetable Art 

Vegetable Art is creativity of craft work .Out kitchen is the platform and vegetables are the main item to get a real unique art.This one gives a face of your creativity. We can used some peels & seeds of onion and vegetables .These combination  give an unique art. 
onion art - vegetable art
onion art - vegetable art

Onion art

Onion Art is basically arranging the vegetables in the form of scene or image.Just your creativity you can make new craft work through the onion . With the help of other vegetables it becomes more attractive and live.So,many possibilities are there to show your art skills .With the  Onion Art  children can enjoy the craft work and they can learn new things and enhance their creativity.

Thermocol Art

Thermocol Can be used in many creations. School projects, Models, Various craft items, Decorative products ,Photo Frame, Useful products and many artistic products. Therocol is light weighted and easy to handle.Children enjoy to work with their projects.

Todays environment school and collages use the thermocol art to decorate the stage.Stage decoration is also an art . Create with your imagination And thermocol sheet is very useful for that.Cut and create the fundamental thing to produce any creation from the thermocol sheet.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Abstract Painting

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Abstrct Painting 

 Abstract painting based on a visual references from world .There are different shapes, form, color and line to create a combination of presence. A wide Visualization  gives a  existence of independence from.

It is also called non-figurative art. Painting shows the power of thought or  watching  the world  from their mind. There are many ways to see the abstract form. Many levels are there , total abstract form is so difficult to understand the reality. Beautiful part of abstract is art of thinking ,art of presentation and much more when you see in the depth .

abstract Art - Painting - non-figurative  Art

Happy Holi - A Festival of colors . We celebrate this festival with different type of colors.  People are looking same with the colors. Colors of  joy and happiness.Festival break the sadness and animosity.

Abstract Painting

Abstract Paintings are visual language. There are words in the form of paintings. An artist present the imaginative figure by the visual reality. These type of paintings develop in the 19th century .
An artist can express the emotions through the colors of the paintings.It is the form that breaking the particular drawing art. Abstract art is not presenting the perfect picture of the life.

Abstract art movement of Surrealism, Cubism, Dadaism and Fauvism. Most of the artist follow the supermatism .
Famous abstract artist are Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, and many more.
Picasso developed the form – cubism, where the planes and angles denote the people.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wall Art

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A Wall Art , Decorate a wall by creating figure and flower ,border with a 3d effect . It is made on a plain wall and after making complete the art ,paint on it . There are only one color used .We get the final figure or art through one color paint it is fast to apply .

 Folk Traditional Wall Painting

Wall painting - oil painting - cropping -Men -Women

Embossed Wall Painting

 This is different from regular wall painting or mural .In Embossed Painting First to prepare material and than that material used to draw the figure on the wall.we can see that in the following picture a tree and monkeys .
For the material we can use POP,Paper mesh, or other suitable material which is stick on the wall easily . 
Draw the figure and put on the paint on it . Finishing quality depend on the artist . In India Many places we can find traditional & Rural painting on the wall.Now a days , government supporting program  also running
in some cities for "Swachh Bharat Mission". 
Wall mural - Animals Painting - Embossed Painting

Wall Mural

This Wall Painting made by kids using oil paints.Decorate their room with colorful painting of see view.

Wall Murals

It is the best medium to decor the wall with mural.Today's Many ready made wallpaper available in the market.But,If you want Traditionally more attractive and live then an Artist can make your dream true.Imagination,color full work,shading and 3d-effects makes more wonderful and lovely mural. 

 Wall Mural gives a perfect look for residential or commercial .Many innovative ideas can put in your wall mural.We can add  the decoration of ceramic,kundan,glass work etc. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bamboo Decorative Art

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Bamboo Flowers & Vase

By carving or peel off the Bamboo Stick with the sharp knife,make many stripe .After getting many stripe cut and ready to give a proper shape for decoration.This is a popular handicraft of MP & Chattisgrah state of India.
Babmboo Stick Flower
 We also prepare colorful vase for decorative flowers.

Bamboo vase ,decorative Art & Craft
We can make Attractive toys ,Useful Home items and different decorative piece of art. 

Bamboo Decorative Art 

There are lots of things to do with Bamboo.Some artist produce variety of  decorative products.In these type of product prepare at low cost and many families depend on it.They take Bamboo sticks as a base and ready the painted picture on different wooden piece .And stick the wooden piece on the bamboo stick base.
Decorate complete piece with a beautiful dori (Thread ) or Lace.We can find many wooden art in India.Some are directly paint on the stick base so it looks more attractive and live .At the end picture look in a 3d form .Many possibilities are there in the village craft work .

Ivory Art 

The carving work on teeth of elephant is called Ivory Art. From long time Indian kings are found of Ivory work. It is very precious as it is made up by elephant teeth. Many Art pieces, doors, furniture, Images of God and Goddess, Chess set ,Jewelry etc. are made by ivory.
The tooth of Elephant is very hard and dense substance. First artist smooth the tooth with sand paper and than dip in methyled spirit and clean it with the brush. Now they curve it very carefully. It is very tough to curve perfectly only experienced artist can made it.Now a days Hunting is prohibited so Ivory work also become very rare. The subjects are based on Animals, elephants, tigers, cows, and peacocks and hunting, Indian festive, and ceremonial scenes, historical and mythological subjects carved in relief.
Ivory product uses mostly for Decoration purposes. Home, Offices, Temples etc. But some people hunting elephant for teeth and No of elephant become less so that Government ban on the hunting . But Art and artist never get stop they find another way. They are doing work on the sandal wood. Sandal wood art work also very beautiful.

Grain Art

Grain Art is looking great, attractive and innovating Art .In the Grain Art we used Grain, Pulses and spices. Colorful pulses gives the complete look of the body image.
Required Material :
   1.)    Paper Sheet
   2.)    Glue
   3.)    Pencil
   4.)    Grain, Pulses & spices 

First we should be draw the image and after the complete drawing put the drop of glue from the bottom of the image and follow the outer line first and  than  fill the inner space .According to the demand of the image we use the pulse .we used in this grain Art – Gram split, Green gram, kidney beans, Black paper , Clove .We can make lots of design – scenery ,portrait , landscape , etc.Art has no boundaries. Enhance your creativity and show your art by your way .  

Bamboo is a very popular material and mostly used in everyday life. Bamboos are fast growing plant. It is strong and durable with low cost used in furniture and decorative items. There are used in making various products Bamboo Garden, Fencing, Bamboo Flooring, Wall Arts etc.

Bamboo Craft Work

Bamboo is so flexible it can bent into round and curved shapes without breaking. It can also be forced into different shapes when it is growing, if the young shoots are grown through a square. Bamboo canes are so smooth, easily used for craft-work. The canes can be split to make them flat for a variety of products.